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This blog is not affiliated with any brands. I do not receive any money from mentioning brand names. The equipment and brands you see are ones I have used and I can confidently tell you how they work in the recipes I develop.

This sublime cake combines two of everyone's favorite things – Baileys and chocolate – a true show stopper!

Three layers of rich, Baileys-spiked chocolate sponge, sandwiched and topped with smooth Baileys buttercream, to top it off, it’s got chocolate ganache dripping down the sides. Decorate with chocolate curls, and for an extra chocolate hit add Baileys chocolate Truffles.

The chocolate cake is really easy to make. It’s one bowl of a free standing mixer or large bowl and hand held electric whisk, making it easier to clean up!

I think a showstopper like this Baileys cake would be perfect for a grown up celebration, anniversary, birthday or dinner party. It would also be perfect to serve as a very special dessert for Christmas or New Years Eve.

Why am I releasing this recipe in the middle of October? Simple : Baileys is currently reduced in price, in every supermarket, for the run up to Christmas. Also, the Baileys truffles you see in the photos are only sold at this time of year, when the Christmas chocolates come out.

Have you noticed that I've used the C word 3 times already?! Honestly, I've been thinking about Christmas baking since the beginning of September. When I worked in food manufacturing Christmas was planned in February, so in comparison, I'm pretty late!

Before you start, here are a few tips to making this cake.

Making the Cake.

The batter has more flour and cocoa powder than a traditional chocolate cake. This is because it's needed to counteract the effect of adding all of that liquid in the form of the Baileys.

I use the all in one method for this like most of my cakes, because it's easier and less time consuming. Let's face it, we are all strapped for time, so anything that can be made quickly is a bonus. Plus, who wants to have to wait too long to get their teeth into this beauty!!

Use deep baking tins to allow for the growth in the oven. I use 4" deep ones that can be bought from any supermarket or home store.

Always line your cake tins before you begin to make this cake.

Making the Ganache.

You have always been told that chocolate ganache is made from cream and chocolate. It's true, but did you know that you can actually use other liquids instead of cream.

In this recipe the cream is replaced with Baileys, but the ratios are the same 2:1 Chocolate:Baileys.

Use any dark chocolate you prefer. I have used all kinds of chocolate when making ganache, from the value type to the full Belgian type, and they are all acceptable.

Assembling the Cake.

This cake is made up of 5 layers


Use a cake board or a nice serving plate to place the cake on.

Place the first cake layer onto the board. Cover with a generous amount of Baileys buttercream.

Place the second cake layer on top and repeat the filling.

Place the final cake layer on the top (turning it upside down to give a level top).

Cover the whole cake in a generous layer of Baileys buttercream. Smooth it out if you can, leave it if you can't (either looks great).

Add the chocolate curls to the side of the cake, if using. I use a dessert spoon to do this, less mess.

Put the cake in the fridge for an hour to set the buttercream. Add the Baileys ganache drip to the cake using a piping bag to direct the drips where you want them. Cover with the remaining sauce.

Leave it like that or add swirls of the buttercream, if there's any left. Finish off with the Baileys truffles.

Keeps for 1 week stored in an airtight container. If you don't have one that is big enough simply wrap in a double layer of clingfilm.

Have you tried this recipe yet? Mention @cakes_forallseasons or #cakesforallseasons! I’d love to see what you are getting up to in the kitchen!

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