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How Much Do Cakes Cost?


Let’s start with ingredients –


Firstly, I price my cakes by estimating the cost of the ingredients I’m going to use, starting with the basics – flour, eggs, sugar, butter etc.

But also the filling (buttercream, ganache, jam?), the coatings (sugarpastes, marzipan, chocolate), the materials for decoration, edible colours, paints, dust and sprays, the cake board, box, ribbon, tape, glue… etc.


Secondly the number of portions -

There are two different portion sizes that we, as cake makers, work to : ⁣
The first one is Finger Size – 1” x 1” x 5” (the depths of wedding cakes can vary from cake maker to cake maker – but I feel 5” is the perfect height!).⁣
The second one is Dessert Size - which is 2” x 1” x 5” – this is used when you would be having your wedding cake as the dessert; I also use this size for birthday cake slices.⁣

I calculate how big your wedding cake (or birthday cake) should be when you first enquire about the estimated cost, so I would ask how many guests you will be catering for on the day and take it from there.⁣

Finally there is the labour –


Then I calculate the hours it will take to design, make, and decorate (labour).

The biggest chunk of expense is actually Labour, I try and pay myself a reasonable hourly rate so I can keep the business going, and make a profit!

The easiest thing to remember is that the more complex your cake design is ,the more expensive it will be. If your cake is going to have multiple models and a complex theme and decoration, then that will be a time consuming creation (hours of work). If the cake has multiple tiers and requires construction then this will affect the cost as well.


Not forgetting electricity/water, cleaning (it all adds cost).


To give you a rough idea when contacting me for a quote please see some examples of cakes on this page with price ranges.


Please remember that I make bespoke cakes which are made to individual specifications.  



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