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Scandinavian Jam Biscuits.

I'm just dropping in with this quickie of a recipe. I made them at the weekend and just had to share it with you.

These biscuits are a cross between a Vienesse whirl (without the piping!) and a melt in the mouth Shortbread.

Traditionally made using Raspberry jam, I substituted this with Strawberry, but you can use whatever flavour you prefer. I also had to try them with chocolate spread too. You have your favourites so use that one.

Just be careful when adding the jam that you don't put too much in as it will bubble out everywhere.

And a safety warning: Don't eat them straight from the oven, that jam is moulten hot!

Enough rambling from me, here's the recipe:

I've given you instructions to make these by hand but they can easily be made using a free standing mixer, just mix slowly, don't beat the dough within a inch of it's life!

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